Apps Tarot online: the top 5 apps

There are countless ways to maintain connection with our spiritual side. We can do this through yoga, meditation and even through the amazing world of fortune telling. Through Tarot it is possible to make predictions of various events in our lives.

Some time ago, to play Tarot you had to go to a specific place. However, with the popularization of the internet, other ways were created and now it is possible to play Tarot online.

Therefore, experts have developed Tarot apps, which work just as well as a face-to-face consultation with a tarot reader. Tarot cards can be played in different types of applications, which bring out the meaning of each one of them.

5 apps to do an online tarot reading

Through combinations of Tarot cards, it is possible for a tarologist to understand what is happening in the life of a certain individual and it is also possible to predict possible events. In this way, the person can prepare for strong emotions and also for unpleasant surprises. It all depends on the results presented by the tarot cards.

But, very calm at this moment. There are numerous options for online applications to draw Tarot cards, but we have selected a list of some of the best applications available on the market so that our readers can make a more assertive choice.

Keen: get your tarot consultation online

Get an online tarot reading with Keen. Those who would like to get a psychic reading will pay just $1.99 for the 10 minute period. This makes the application one of the most affordable on the market.

The Ken app stands out for making really affordable offers for those who want to do an online tarot reading. Additionally, all services offered by the Keen app have been reviewed in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Bustle. Another highlight of the application is its correspondence system that works interactively and thus manages to perform a correct reading.

With so many attractions, the online tarot application is becoming a great alternative for those who want to consult, but do not want to do it in person. Therefore, those who wish to resort to online tarot can do so from their own home.

  Pros of the Keen app

Through the application it is possible to explore dreams and clean the aura for spiritual readings. In addition, the application offers a refund credit of up to $ 25. The filters offered by this platform are extremely easy to use. Psychic matching tool has good assertiveness. Also, the new user gets a welcome bonus where he pays just $1.99 for 10 minutes.

Negative points

So far, the application does not provide the video call feature for its users. Another factor is that some of the experts present at Keen are expensive.

Those who wish to obtain guidance in the field of love, career or family can count on the help of a spiritual adviser. If you are not yet a customer of this application, take advantage of the super discount and pay little for 10 minutes of consultation.

Before choosing the consultant who will assist you, it is very important to take a look at the reviews he has received from other users in recent months. Ideally, choose spiritual advisors who have a good reputation in the application.

Kassamba: Consult tarot cards online

Get an online tarot reading with Kassamba. He has become one of the best known on the internet. Those looking for specific tarot readings on career, love and life can find good answers through this app.

The team of professionals that make up this app are specialists in taking tarot cards and deciphering their meanings. In addition, through the Kassamba app, it is possible to do tarot readings 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


The experts who serve through the application are renowned professionals known for the excellence and assertiveness of their forecasts. When carrying out a consultation, it is possible to be able to help to better understand your present, your past and especially your future.

No matter what your question is, the professionals who assist you through Kassamba will always be there, willing to help and understand the problem you are going through. If you still don’t have this application, a good tip is to have it on your cell phone, because at one time or another you may need it and you’ll already know who to turn to.


The website is completely user friendly. New users can take a three-minute free trial. It has a money back policy. Users can count on rune casting features, online tarot palm reading, fortune telling and many other features. In addition, prices for new and existing customers are completely affordable. New users can see ratings and comments made by other customers. Consultants are highly qualified and undergo a careful selection to be part of Kassamba.

Negative points

The survey tools offered by the site need to be improved to become friendlier and easier to access. In addition, it is not possible to make a video call.

It is important to point out that the service provided by Kassamba has been connecting human beings to the world of spirituality and self-discovery for over 20 years. Beforehand, another detail that cannot go unnoticed is the fact that there are countless ways to connect to the divine and thus be able to understand a little more about the future.

One of the methods used and even the most popular are online tarot readings. Many people don’t even imagine, but it is through tarot readings that it is possible to find information about our lives and events that we can expect in the future. In addition, tarot reading can provide guidance to face times of great challenges.

At Kassamba you can choose from a wide variety of psychic advisors who are gifted at doing tarot readings, cartomancy and countless other psychic skills.

Psychic Source the best of online tarot

Psychic Source makes the list of the most reputable and oldest psychic reading services online. It turns out that Psychic Source has a large team of extremely qualified professionals who are qualified for the functions for which they were designated. It presents a most experienced online tarot card reading service. Through it, it is possible to carry out consultations regarding family, love and the professional field.

Internet users who are looking for more in-depth guidance can find Psychic Source a great option.


One of the positive points of Psychic Source is the possibility of making video calls with the spiritual consultant. Psychic readings can take place over video calls. In addition, numerous services are offered through a mobile application. The introductory offer for new customers is $1 per minute.

Negative points

The price range can be a little higher compared to other options. Consultation styles may vary across consultants.

It is important to point out that video flames can be perfect for the moment when the tarot card reading is being carried out.

AskNow: Accurate and easy to understand tarot readings

AskNow offers the most accurate and easy-to-understand tarot readings. It is possible to do online tarot readings in Spanish and English. Furthermore, AskNow offers users a daily horoscope completely free of charge. Plus, new users receive a free five-minute welcome bonus.

Consultants undergo a rigorous and selective process to become part of the team. For this reason, over time it has become a great option among internet users who want to do online tarot consultations.


The fact that new users enjoy five free minutes is a huge plus. In addition, it is one of the few that offer free daily horoscopes. It is available in two languages.

Negative points

Expert advisors are expensive. In addition, improvements need to be made to customer support. In general, as AskNow works with excellent professionals, it is one of the best options in the tarot medium.

Oranum: Find the best psychics nearby

Those looking for mediums always close by can find Oranum a great option. Also, another standout factor for this option is the fact that all tarot card readings take place via live video streams. That way it’s easier to feel the psychic and better understand your style before you even commit to reading.

It is possible to choose the psychic that pleases you the most and then choose the live transmission and discover everything that tarot predictions can provide you.


Live streamed video sessions can be accessed free of charge. Oranum has an innovative system with available educational resources. You can subscribe to an advisor so you don’t miss out on new content. Sound baths are available. You can connect with psychics and perform divination, numerology, pet psychics and much more.

Negative points

There is no option to make phone calls. No public reviews or comments from other customers are available.

Now that you know everything you need to know about the most varied applications to get an online tarot reading, all you have to do is do an analysis and choose the one that you like the most.